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If you’re involved in the manufacturing industry, particularly for electronic equipment, then you have likely built a reliable partnership with the company that supplies you with your much needed motoring products and services. If you haven’t, then you should for the sake of reliability, access to stock and to make your efforts more cost-effective. These suppliers are not, however, made to be equal, they all offer varying products and services at a range of prices, and operate under different processes. You may seem happy with your current supplier, but you need to ask yourself: “Do they offer me these crucial services?”

A Worthwhile Selection of Products

Different processes, devices and developments have very specific needs when it comes to the motors used to give them life. You might need something with a high capacity for output, something cost-effective, or something compact albeit powerful. Finding the right motor for your needs can be tricky when stock is limited, so make sure that your supplier has a diverse range of products to choose from.

Tight Delivery Schedules

Late deliveries and a lack of components will cause you unnecessary and expensive downtime, which can leave a substantial financial hole in your business, particularly if you are dealing with time sensitive orders. Because of this, you need to be able to have faith in your supplier’s delivery schedule, so that you can continue seamless manufacturing with confidence.

Custom Designs and Builds

You may find that the product or device that you are developing requires very specific specs for its functions, and when that happens, you likely won’t find a generic solution that works for you. To that end, it is well worth your while to opt for a supplier that can manufacture your motors to spec.

A Selection of On-hand Spares

When you need spares on the double, there is often no time to wait, especially if you are working on time sensitive products. Because of this, you need to be sure that your supplier is able to provide you with spares at any given time; especially at short notice.

A Scalable Capacity

Your supplier also needs to be able to scale their output with the needs of your business. You may require as many as 5000 units in a single order, and if your supplier can’t handle that kind of capacity, you will likely suffer lots of downtime. So make sure that your supplier is able to match their output with your needs.

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