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Spit-Braai Motor

Jenkins Electric Motors SA is a proud distributor of Mellor Electric motors and gearboxes. The Mellor Electrics range comprises of the SC9 Asynchronous Shaded Pole, AC Synchronous, FRS Brushed Permanent Magnet and BD Brushless DC motors that can be fitted to our range of gearboxes. Our products are suitable for a vast array of applications and have so far been used in vending machines, pellet burning stoves, pumps, catering equipment, animated displays, scientific equipment and other applications too numerous to mention. All our motor-gearbox units are lubricated for life and many features such as shaft length and diameter can be modified to suit each application. Our in-house design and engineering facilities allow us to tailor our product to your needs and we are happy to discuss any special requirements with the customer.



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