The Difference Between AC Induction Motors and Synchronous Ones

We all know that there are two major types of motors, AC (alternative current) and DC (direct current). While these operate using very different principles, AC motors themselves come in varying forms as well, namely induction motors and synchronous ones. These two types have a few major similarities, but essentially work very differently from one another. If you are looking to source an AC motor for your needs, it is important to ensure that you get the right one. Knowing the differences between the two abovementioned ones will help you make an informed decision when doing it. So let’s explore the difference between them here.

AC Induction Motors

AC induction motors rely on an electric current to turn, and in doing so, produce torque through an electric current in the rotor.

To do this, an electric current is produced through electromagnetic induction, produced by the magnetic field of the stator windings on the motor.

The rotor on induction motors will always move at a lower speed than the electromagnetic field.

All of this allows the motor to be moved without the need for a VDF (variable frequency drive), which is an electronic motor starter that is built into the unit to control its running speed.

AC Synchronous Motors

AC synchronous motors work a little differently to their induction motor cousins. They essentially operate under the same principles, except that they make use of magnets to turn the rotor, as opposed to an electric current.

Unlike the induction type which spins at a lower speed than the magnetic field, synchronous motors will always spin at the same speed of a magnetic field, which means that these designs still  require a variable frequency drive in their operation.

This does come with an advantage, however, in that AC synchronous motors have a higher full-load capacity than induction ones.

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