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Food for Thought

By the time I am standing at the counter ready to place an order, I usually only have one thing on my mind; food – and who doesn’t love a shwarma? Waiting for my shawarma was all too agonizing and so I began looking for things to distract me when I noticed the vertical rotisserie and how there was a machine slowly turning the meat to the perfection it became. This got me thinking about my food (which had arrived by now) and what crucial role this machine played in its preparation and sale.

What is a Doner Kebab?

This rotisserie that my shawarma filling had been carved from is actually called a Doner Kebab. It is a type of kebab from Turkish origins, dating back to the 19th Century. A vertical cooking element is placed next to the rotating machine (also placed vertically), which is stacked in a cone shape with seasoned meat. The rotation allows for slow cooking in order for the meat to be carved off thinly and delicately.


What are the Benefits of a Vertical Rotisserie?

For starters, automation ensures that the meat rotates slowly and evenly for consistent cooking. Some have speculated that the vertical angle of the rotisserie helps to drain excess fat for a healthier option when it comes to food choices. The vertical angle also makes carving thin slices easier and hastier for ultimate customer satisfaction if you are running your own restaurant. Let’s not forget that this is a delicious food that has stood the test of time and remains popular today.


Own Your Own Restaurant?

If you serve gyros, pita, shawarmas, traditional doner kebab, gourmet sandwiches or even if you operate a food truck, then investing in a vertical rotisserie is a smart move for the sake of having your restaurant or food services stand out against competitors. Jenkins Electric Motors have experience in supplying these machines. Contact them or visit their website for more information.










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