All About Stairlift Safety

Stairlifts have been around and assisting with mobility for decades, and in that time they have grown to be more sophisticated, functional, and most importantly, safe. Considering the fact that they are most commonly used to ensure freedom of movement in those who are vulnerable, it stands to reason that safety is a general concern when operating them.

However stairlifts are actually very safe, they have been designed with the protection and movement of people in mind. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at some of their standard safety features.

Stopping the Lift in its Tracks

One of the most commonly voiced safety concerns about stairlifts is how they would react when faced with an obstacle on the stairwell. Would it continue operation and put the obstruction, as well as the user at risk?

With footplates and motor sensors, they will detect any obstacles on the stairwell before they have the chance to collide with them, ensuring the safety of both the user and the obstruction.

Securing the User

Keeping the user safe during operation is simple with a stairlift, since they come with seatbelts that allows the rider to fasten themselves in while the device is in motion.

Get Out During Blackouts

Load-shedding has affected all of our lives in one way or another, but imagine what it could potentially do to those who require the use of electronic devices to move up and down stairs. Fortunately, stairlifts come with batteries that are on a constant charge, allowing them to be used when the power goes out.

Snag-Free Operation

With motors and tracks being used, you might be worried about clothing becoming snagged in these devices as they are used. Fortunately, stairlift motors are always enclosed to ensure that no hair or clothing gets caught up in it while it is in operation.

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