The Difference Between AC & DC Motors

AC Electric Motors:


Normally ran by an AC variable frequency drive, the AC electric motor operates by applying an alternating current power to the electric motor.  The AC electric motor consists of many different parts, the main parts being the stator and rotor.


The AC motor’s stator has coils which are supplied with the alternating current and produces a rotating magnetic field. This motor’s rotor rotates inside of the electric motor’s coils and is attached to an output shaft that produces torque by the rotating magnetic field.


There are 2 types of AC motors and each one uses different types of rotors. The first type is called an induction motor. This motor uses a magnetic field on the rotor of an induction motor that is created by induced current.


The second type of motor is called a synchronous motor, it rotates precisely at the supply frequency. This motor can operate with precision supply frequency because it does not reply on induction. The magnetic field on this specific motor gets generated by current which is delivered through slip rings or a permanent magnet.


DC  Electric Motors:


DC motors are powered from direct current power and are mechanically commutated machines. These motors have a voltage induced rotating armature winding, and a non-rotating armature field frame winding that is a static field or permanent magnet.


DC motors make use of different motor connections of the field and armature winding to produce different speed and torque regulation.


Unlike your AC motors, this DC motor speed can also be controlled within the winding by changing the voltage applied to the DC motor armature, or by adjusting the field frame current.


Most of the DC motors of today are manufactured to be controlled with industrial electronic DC drives. These motors are still being used in many applications across the world.


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