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How Electric Cars Work

An electric car gets power from a rechargeable battery that is installed inside of the car. The batteries are not only used to power your vehicle but it also allows your lights and wipers to function. An electric car looks just like any other car on the outside, but on the inside they are quite a bit different from each other.

Therefore, the battery packs will be found under the vehicle or sometimes in the trunk. These batteries are similar to the ones used to start up gasoline engines, the difference being that in electric vehicles, there are more of them and they also store energy which is used to power your vehicle.

The workability aspect of an electric vehicle is also very interesting. Aside from the engine, almost everything else is the same as those found in other types of cars. For example, the climate control systems, transmission systems and air bags as well as the brakes. Once of the biggest differences that you’ll find is the electric motor. Three types of electric motors that are on the market today are: AC induction with the top acceleration and permanent magnet motor and DC brushless with the top speed.

The electric motor, battery and controller are the three main components of an electric vehicle. When switching on your car, the current gets passed from the battery. The controller then takes power from the battery and passes it to the motor. Before the battery passes the current to the motor, the controller will convert the 300V DC into a maximum of 240 volts AC, 2 phase power that is suitable for the motor. The electric motor will then convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is what moves your vehicle forward. The controller stands as the buyer of the power from the battery and will give you out put power to the motor accordingly. There are uneven potentiometers connected in between the controller and the accelerator. They tell the controller how much power to deliver. When you release the accelerator it delivers 0V and when it is fully presses it will give maximum output.

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The Difference Between AC & DC Motors

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